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  • Always wear our Rush socks for the best Rush experience.

  • Empty out your pockets for any loose objects such as keys, wallets, phones or sharp objects.

  • Secure loose hair and drawstrings prior to participation.

  • Walk onto and off of each attraction.

  • Bounce in the center of the trampoline with feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees to stop your bounce.

  • Land on two feet with knees separated.

  • Stay within your comfort zone and do only activities where you have confidence in your abilities.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and of those around you, and jump with people that are of similar age and size as you.

  • Always be in control of your body.

  • Make sure to always listen to our safety monitors.

  • Remember to read and follow our safety rules to get the most out of your Rush experience.

  • Watch our safety video (in the section below).

  • Jump too close to someone else or affect another’s bounce in any way.

  • Land on your head or neck.

  • Attempt to do anything more than a single flip.

  • Attempt to perform a maneuver or skill that exceeds your personal abilities.

  • Attempt gainers or forward moving backflips.

  • Have anything in your mouth (candy, gum, etc.).

  • Sit, lie down, or run on the courts.

  • Push or shove anyone when on the trampolines. No horseplay is allowed on the trampolines or anywhere in the park.

  • Take balls out of the Dodgeball courts.

  • Throw balls at another jumper’s head.

  • Enter our airbags or foam pit if someone is currently in it – you must wait for our safety monitors’ okay to proceed.

  • Jump into the foam pit if you are taller than 46”.

  • Throw children into the foam pit area.

  • Bring food or drink onto any attractions.

  • Jump if a safety monitor is not present.

  • Jump if you are pregnant or have any health problems.

Safety Video