Now Part of The Flight Family


Have your next Fundraiser at RUSH AIR SPORTS!

  • Held on Monday-Thursday during regular business hours. You may choose the date, as long as it’s a Monday-Thursday.

  • Participants will need to bring in a printed flyer. Only proceeds from guests with printed flyer will be counted.

  • You will receive $4 from each first hour admission.

  • You may only have 2 fundraisers a year. Must be minimum of 6 months apart.

  • Flyers may not be distributed at our facility or in the parking lot.

  • Must get date approved from Elsa.

  • Must get flyer from Elsa.

  • No Fundraiser events during the summer.

Tips to a Successful Fundraising Event

  • Post flyer on social media and have friends share your flyer.
  • Text and Email your flyer to everyone.
  • Pass flyer out at schools, church, work, gym, restaurants and mall.
  • Word of mouth, make sure you tell everyone you meet out and about.

Start the Process

To get started, contact Elsa by phone at (661) 864-7874 or email